You + World = Perfect Combination.

Serve on one of our global mission projects

No matter your skill set, affinity, experience or interest, you can serve in God's global mission.

In addition to the full-time workers who represent our church all over the world, we participate in selective focus nations for the purpose of building long-term friendships and accomplishing long-lasting good. Each year, our church participates in projects to strengthen these connections.

From our missions point in Nicaragua, we serve in the most remote parts of Latin America

Nicaragua is the largest republic in Central America, bounded on the north by Honduras, on the east by the Caribbean, on the south by Costa Rica, and on the west by the Pacific. First Fort Lauderdale has helped to establish a church, a school and a missions complex in the impoverished barrio of Nejapa, just a few miles away from the capital city of Managua, near a chain of volcanoes which rises between the lakes and the Pacific coast. We also work in more remote regions distant from the capital. Nicaragua is the second-poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

We work closely with missionaries from our own church:

  • Dr. Nour Sirker, the physician who established the missions post in Nejapa

  • We also consider among our own David & Laura Parajon, the physicians who founded Amos Health and Hope and lead these extended ministries


2019 NICARAGUA MISSION TRIP | June 24 - 30

Our FB|FTL missions team will work on several school projects that include painting, class work, crafts and taking 2019 Graduating Class on a Senior Trip to the city or a lagoon. This will be your opportunity to meet the student you are sponsoring for his/her annual tuition.

AMOS Projects include construction, painting, and meeting health promoters to the 34 communities.

Registration for the Nicaragua mission trip is closed.


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