This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.
— I John 1:5 | 2017 FTL Pageant Verse

Hello church family,

We, as a Creative Team, are very excited about the 2017 Christmas Pageant. God has been steering the ship, as always, and there are some very exciting things in store. First, and foremost, we are continuing to prioritize making the Gospel message as clear as possible. This will be executed primarily through the message of our narrator as well as the dramatic presentation of the life of Christ. However, the Christmas Pageant is a two-fold ministry. During our rehearsals, we have opportunities to disciple one another via prayer, scripture, and fellowship, but the creative design of our Christmas Pageant is clearly for evangelism of the lost. We want the unsaved to have their lives changed forever. That is why we use the Opening Scene to help our guests relax and lower their barriers; so that, we might till the soil of their hearts to make fertile ground for Act 2’s Gospel message. 
This year’s Opening Scene theme is Downtown. As we look at our location in downtown Fort Lauderdale, we are a long standing part of the fabric of this community. We serve as a lighthouse to God’s Kingdom, we partner with our civic leaders, we create awareness through programs, and we love our neighbors. We want to celebrate our relationship with the people here in our city. To achieve that, we also want to recognize our First Responders who serve us so diligently, e.g., last January's tragedy at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. We will be hosting many of our First Responders on Opening Night. 
In light of all that we would like to accomplish, we need the help of the body here at First Baptist | FTL. We greatly value your families and your time commitments; therefore, we have made changes to our usual scheduling to help facilitate your health and well-being. The Community Performance will be on Sunday, November 26th rather than our usual weekday time. As parents, we understand how difficult weekday performances are for our children and families. We pray that this alteration will help our children in school, as well as, protect the health of all who are juggling full-time jobs and the Christmas Pageant. The 15 public shows will follow last year’s format from November 30th-December 17th. Shows will be Thursday, Friday, two on Saturday, and Sunday.

Will you join us in prayer, even now, that the Lord will begin to prepare hearts for the message they will hear, and will you prayerfully consider filling a role for this year's event?

David Gross, Creative Arts Director


Behind Stage & Beyond The Stage Registration

Learn more about the Behind Stage and Beyond the Stage areas of the Christmas Pageant by viewing the Rally Guide below. Use the button below to commit to be involved.

children's RegIstration

This year the Preschool and Elementary children will be performing one of their favorites, A Lauderville Christmas! Learn more below.

Middle/High School Student Registration

This high school will also be performing , A Lauderville Christmas!, and our Middle School Cast will learn an all new tune -- Greatest Time of Year.