Can we please Keep Scott Rhoades and his Wife (Karen) and his son Aaron and the family in prayer.. this is so heart breaking.. I am posting his post below here.. He needs prayers and our encouragement and support.. and I know God has put us all here to do this.. thank you in advance for praying.. this is the post he wrote..

Karen's Health Update: FB Family and Friends. Over the past four days, Karen has rapidly declined. I had to order a hospital bed for her today, which she is now resting. She is very weak, not eating, unable to talk/speak, and sleeping a lot. I'm amazed how quickly things have changed.

We don't know how much longer she has here on this earth, could be months, weeks, or just days. But we know her time is short. So hard to watch her go through this phase. Please be praying for our three sons (Nathanial, Nickolas, and Aaron) and her brother Mark Schuler.

Bobbi Jo Torres

FBFTL Prayer Team