So, I haven't posted an update on Aria in a long time... today she had two appointments: pulmonologist and ophthalmologist. Both gave perfectly clean bills of health for our miracle StarShine!! The pulmonologist has even started to wean down the dosage on both of her nebulizer meds with the obvious goal of weaning her off of them entirely. All of our other specialists are now only annual or semiannual maintenance schedules for office visits. We have switched to naturopathic care for her nutrition and weight gain. No more GI visits. At 18 months she is only 17 lbs despite the high calorie formula and food. The naturopath will do a mineral analysis and build a customized nutrient dense, whole food plan plus two customized high calorie/protein supplement shake recipes for her to get the most out of the food she is eating. We will be able to take her off the yucky artificial chemical/medical formula once we have that food plan. We will also get a customized daily vitamin/mineral supplement from the naturopath based on her mineral analysis. Her hair is just long enough now to pull it up into the cutest little pig tails ever. She is FEISTY, sassy, strong willed, funny, and shows obvious affection for her siblings. She is working on cruising right now, is able to feed herself with a fork (and her fingers), and drinks from a straw. To sum up; she's AMAZING!! We are so blessed! #GodIsHope #miraclebaby #preemie #BabyAria

Hillarie Wilder

FBFTL Prayer Team