While in the TSA line for my flight, I chatted with a nervous young woman behind me. After the typical chit-chat she confided that she's headed to Houston to start rehab for a drug problem. It was clear she's scared and emotional about the unknown. Her parents were waving from just beyond the ropes, so I keep talking to help keep her calm and pass the time. We were separated into different screening lines, but I prayed God would open the door for me to bump into her again. After arriving at the terminal I saw her and went out of my comfort zone by asking to pray with her. We stepped to the side of all the bustling traffic and I prayed a sincere prayer for her, her recovery, her boyfriend who is also entering rehab elsewhere today, her family, and for her to encounter God during this time. She was teary, and we shared the biggest hug as we parted. God has such an amazing plan for her life, so please join me in praying for Jessica from Leesburg.

Heather Scott

FBFTL Prayer Team