Update on our Granddaughter

First, the good news, yesterday the medical team has done an X-ray on her and found that her bones are healing much better and faster than expected. Your Prayers Worked! They will remove the cast on the left leg and pelvis and they will also remove the screws that are holding the metallic braces. They will change her position from laying flat to an elevated 30 degrees slowly in order to see if she can sit without pain or discomfort. In a few weeks, they will be able to move her to a wheelchair. She will then be transferred from the hospital to a convalescent home equipped with in-house therapy facility.

Now, the bad news, the blood clots have not been dissolved even with the medication she received. The carotid artery is still 75% blocked and surgery to remove it is not an option. Please continue to pray for the blood clots to dissolve supernaturally and pray for her emotional health.

Thank you, faithful prayer warriors for your prayers

Wendy Lim- Ferrero

FBFTL Prayer Team