Last night my eldest son texted.... he's a father of four children! His text said...."Mom I'm sorry I'm messaging u so late but I'm gonna b honest I have a drug problem. I'm addicted to Percocet. I haven't went a day without taking any. Last time I was without them was when I was in the Dells and I ended up in the E.R. because of withdraws. I have no one to talk to about it! I feel like taking my life."

Please pray for my Son Jay.  I know that the reason he lives is because I have not failed him & I pray for him always ! But this is bigger than me & I can't do it alone! I'm asking all of you to pray for him that he beats this addiction and that he finds that purpose in life to want to live. I want our prayers to be so powerful with the mighty help of God that we left him! Bless you all and most of all Bless my Son Jay that reached out to me rather than taking his life.


FBFTL Prayer Team