We pray for the family of Sadie Riggs, age 15 who took her life.

Bullying is an epidemic! Having dealt with the cruelty and the indifference of the school system I promise you, this is not the last tragedy, as a matter of fact, I believe this might become the major cause of teen mortality along side drugs in the near future.
The family unit is disintegrating and redefined and as a result, the confidence of safety for teenagers is all but gone in many situations.
A child that was bullied in the 70s, 80s and 90s had a refuge away from school and their peers in the home. Today these children continues to face this cruelty through the Internet by way of all the social medias. As a parent you can try to limit the access and time spent on the internet but it isn't enough because the jeers, attacks and evil continues by the bullies and it doesn't go away, it actually reaches unimaginable levels even if the target of their bullying isn't watching.

Jonas Hagg

FBFTL Prayer Team