* Mac healing rapidly and back to work from his hernia surgery, ad he’s ack to working in his ministry

* Vicki’s friend, Donna, is back to work

* Joes , Don’s friend, doing well after surgery

* Success of yard sale for Tyler Hill by the Cancer Care Ministry




* Vicki Kirkegaard is having a defibulator (sp?) put in

* Linda Adler -  to get her energy back

* Jeri Seeley – The Lord’s miraculous healing

* Ken and DD – strength and energy

* Martha – relief from pan

* Doris Valentine – continued strength and healing

* Mary Lou Ingalls – healing and strength

* Randy – physical and emotional healing in treatment

* Judy’s sister – healing and strength

Prayer Requests from Friends and Followers

* Jacque Brown – Lords healing

* Susan Gaines – shingles and sciatica, relief from severe pan

* Tyler Hill – healing

* Michael Elliotts’s father – he is in the hospital, pray for dr’s wisdom and discernment in his care and for improvement

* Linda Adler’s friend, Suzie, who is having a Pet Scan this week for a hugh mass in her chest ..please pray that it I benign


Other Prayers


* For God to speak to our pastors and leaders and that they will hear Him and heed His direction

* July 2nd church picnic, $5.00 charge for Mission BBQ food

* John’s travel safety as he is going to California for his brothers memorial

FBFTL Prayer Team