Last Saturday morning I called my brother to tell him and my sister-in-law about the concert that TIm and I had been to the night was just a regular Saturday like any other day, but on that day I found out that my sister-in/law wasn't feeling well, and was being admitted into the Intensive Care Unit. There was something really wrong with her and the Doctors were trying everything they could to save her. And just like that, our world changed. One moment you are fine and happy, then the next, something like this happens and changes everything...during these horrible hours and days we prayed, and prayed to God to save her, to take care of her, and He did. During this whole time, she never lost her unshakeable faith that God was in control and was going to take care of her. And He did!!! She is leaving the hospital today and we hope to see her again very soon. Danielle Casagrande is not just my sister-in-love. She is like a sister to me, and today I give thanks to God and his almighty power for this miracle that my family and I lived this week! #godisable #godishope  

Rosangela Johnson

FBFTL Prayer Team