* Please continue to pray for strength and healing for Jackie Brown who is battling more cancer

* Camille Burns’ mom, Patricia Rogers, is having seizures, she is in her 80’s, Please pray for the doctor’s wisdom and discernment in how to treat her

* Linda Adler’s friend, Suzie Fellner – the mass in her chest is in fact cancer and she has started treatment.

* Norma Miller request prayer for a lung cancerpatient whose coughing is so severe that she is fracturing her ribs.

* Jeri Seeley’s friend sister,  Patricia,  passed away.  Please pray for the family.

* Mike Elliott’s dad was buried on Thursday.  Please pray for the family.

* Sophia asks for prayer for her sister, Linda, who is in pain after her surgery.

* Charise asks for prayer for Gary’s cousin, Terry, who is in Hospice after battling cancer for 5 years.


*  Please pray for the Pastorial Search Team

* Safe travels home for everyone who went to Italy

* Good productive trip to the Nicaragua team that leaves this week

Friends & Followers Bible & Life Group


FBFTL Prayer Team