Update on Bruno's Granddaughter on July 8, 2017

She is now in the rehab facility which is equipped with the best therapy in the area. She still faces many medical issues but her body (Skeleton) is recuperating very well and her bones are getting stronger from all the numerous constructive surgeries she had. She faces 3 challenging issues now:

1) The right carotid is still 100% block. Surgery to unclog is not an option as the blockage is above the ear close to the brain. The left carotid is functioning to bring blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain and is doing the work of both carotids. The Doppler done last Monday on the rest of her body showed no other clots after blood thinner were given. The main concern is still the 100% blocked right carotid.

2) Regarding the badly damaged pelvis, the doctors think that she will not be able to have babies as they reconstructed most of the broken pelvic area and the nerves and muscles are not functioning properly. There is no sensation in the whole area and catheter is used to empty the bladder. She is not competent on her own and need nursing care constantly. She suffers urinary tract infection but is on antibiotic. The specialists recommend waiting 3 to 4 months before they do a nerve analysis as that is the time frame for all the nerves and muscles to function again but there is no guarantee.

3) She does have memory loss or cannot recalled details of the accident She has difficulty in concentrating on what she is saying and has lack of correlation in a discussion, but this is improving a little bit at the time.

4) She has hearing loss of 75% because her middle ear called in French ("Ie rocher" (Roc) bone Is broken and it did affect the inner ear.

Once again, my daughter, Isabelle and I are so grateful for your continue generous contribution and mostly for your most coveted prayers which we believe strongly contribute to her miraculous speedy recovery though she faces emotional and physical challenges in the months ahead.

"I will give you back your health and heal your wound, says the Lord, because they have called you an outcast for whom no one cares ! " Jeremiah 30:17

Bruno Ferrero

FBFTL Prayer Team