How Can We Pray For You? :

I am asking for prayer to ask God to open a door for a great job for me. One that starts at 20 dollars an hour. The hours would be 8-5 Monday through Friday only, closed on the weekend. I pray for an inside job in a clean evironment to work also. There is more. I am asking God to bless me with the money to get my passenger car door fixed for my 2006 Ford Mustang sports car and to bless me to get a car horn for my car and to get it painted. Pray for me to save money up to get a home of my own. Finally I am asking for prayer for God to bless me to with one of the best dentists in the world to do better dental work in my mouth that I will be truely happy with for the rest of my life. These are my heart desires for a long time now. Thank you for praying.

Dale Christie


FBFTL Prayer Team