How Can We Pray For You? :

With a prayer request I also want to share a personal story for all my single moms. For 3 weeks I struggled as a single mom with 3 kids without a place to stay wondering where me were going to stay. Just last Monday I was able to find a 3 bedroom house for me and my kids. My income tax came just in time for me to get us a hotel until the house was ready and for me to pay the deposit for the house and also to get beds for us all . My kids ask mommy why don’t we have a dinner table. Why do we have to eat on the floor . Why don’t we have TVs in our house . Why don’t you buy a car. I had to explain to my babies that mommy only had enough to get us a house. Everything else we will get piece by piece. They were able to understand that. As a single mom faith goes along way. We may not have a TV in our home or a dinner table to eat at or a car but we have a home. I know that just from praying and talking to God its kept me strong… not to give up because of my kids. Just by sitting in church now remembering those dark nights I can truly say it was no one but God got us thru it. So to all my single moms out there, you are not alone. Don’t give up. Have faith. Our kids are blessings. They look up to us. Prayer changes things. As I walk thru my new home at night as my kids lay asleep I still pray and thank God for our new home, for our blessings, for life it self. I know everything else will fall in place. I ask for prayer for it all and for strength . Thank you

Crystal Bradshaw


FBFTL Prayer Team