How Can We Pray For You? :

Blessing and Salutation my Prayer Warrior. I have been Fasting and praying for change to happen at my office. God has been cleaning house! Major players have been fired or their positions were eliminated. Next week the New VP of Human Resources wants to meet with everyone and speak freely about anything. I will speak boldly . I need a Prayer Warrior to pray on my behalf and for many persecuted Christians in this work place. I pray that God Will Reign in my work place. That His Will be Done here on earth as it is in Heaven! I am not afraid to Stand in the light for Jesus Christ Sake! If God is for me Who can stand against me? The management that I am under has been some time trying for some time to pressure me so, that I would quit.
So I am asking God to let me see your Mighty Powerful Hand through this process. Let me witness your Glory God. Thank you for your Prayers and may God be Glorified through all of it!

Edna Mendez


FBFTL Prayer Team