How Can We Pray For You? : On May 9th my son Jeffrey and his wife Juliana and my two grandchildren are moving to California in what they believe is " a calling from God. "

I’m asking for prayers for Jeff and his family to find peace and comfort knowing that they are doing what God called them to do.. Pray for some of my family members to understand that GOD is behind this. Other family members need to be able to "let Go and Let God" and worry less...and perhaps not be selfish in an attempt to have then stay in Florida...

YES for me it is going to be difficult to not being able to talk to them daily and seeing them at our weekly family dinner.
In actuality I am going to need those prayers to keep me occupied in HIS word and friends and family in order to take up my idle time, which we know nothing can good come from it... loneliness .....depression...

Kurt Kotrady


FBFTL Prayer Team