Today has been a busy day for Janae! We are hopeful X-rays look more clear in the morning. She has been weaned completely off of all oxygen and is holding steady!! We are all excited about this improvement. She had a vigorous physical therapy session today in which she sat up not using the bed as a prop (with nurses help) for 15 minutes. Did multiple exercises with her legs and arms too. Please continue to pray for clear lungs and for movement with arms and legs. They currently want to keep her hands in a cupped position so she can use it more like a scoop in the event she never regains movement in her fingers. This is difficult to hear as we’ve heard this a few times now. We are trusting God to heal her in His timing and in His Way for His glory! Thank you to all of you who are walking this journey with us. We feel your prayers and they are so greatly appreciated.



FBFTL Prayer Team