We have thought many times this weekend that THIS was the original weekend Janae was supposed to come home from Craig. We can not imagine just now getting home. When our family had to be in different states it was very difficult on all of us. We are so thankful she was released extra early. That being said- We really enjoyed family time this holiday weekend. Jake was able to come for the weekend and we played games, had snow cones, celebrated Jonathan’s birthday, watched OU football, and even did some fireworks that someone got us since we weren’t able to on the 4th of July. Janae and Jake have a new puppy (that is giving her LOTS of physical therapy). This Friday Janae meets with the neurosurgeon in OKC and hopefully will be released to take off her neck brace. She will also be speaking to a group of physical therapist students to give a patient’s perspective this week. She is staying pretty busy. Overall she is doing so well yet has a long road to complete recovery. Thank you for all the continued prayers!



FBFTL Prayer Team