Janae had a great appointment with her neurosurgeon on Friday. He said x rays look good. Hardware is all in place where it should be and fusion is taking place. He told us it will be a year before bones are completely fused. Her vertebral artery in her neck was impinged during the accident. They did another scan of it and it still has minimal blood flowing through it. However because we have two vertebral arteries the other is compensating for the lack of blood flow in the injured one. She does have to take an aspirin each day because she is at a higher risk of blood clots due to the impinged artery. He said she could take off her neck brace and to have OT/PT start working those neck muscles. She is happy that she doesn’t have to wear it at all medically! That being said it is really painful to go around without it right now. So if you see her wearing it it’s not because she has to but that she wants to for support. She is going longer and longer without it already though so it probably won’t be long before it is permanently GONE! Pain still continues to be her biggest frustration. She is maxed out on three different kinds of prescription meds for it. Please continue to pray that she will start seeing improvement in this area. Thank you once again for all the prayers and support! We appreciate all of you!



FBFTL Prayer Team