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Starting Point

Starting Point is your first step if you are new to First Baptist FTL It is a course designed to help you discover who we are as a church and who you are as a uniquely gifted person with a purpose. You will learn more about our church vision, your unique design, and our desire to connect you with your God given purpose. 

An Intentionally Smaller Environment

This informal, small group setting is a great place to ask questions and to get to know some people. As you meet pastors and class participants you’ll learn more about First Baptist and learn about how you fit in our church family!

What Is The Content?

  • Begin to Belong (History, vision, purpose)

  • Discovering your design (Gift assessment, personality uniqueness)

  • Connected to Community (Family, care, relationships)

  • Investing in your influence. (Involvement, outreach, membership)

When Does This Group Meet?

This four-week course begins on the first Sunday of every month and finishes on the fourth 

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Registrations for the October 2019 session are now open.

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